Fujii Souta got his 19 victory in a row


Yesterday, around 20 o’clock Japan time, Fujii Souta 藤井聡太, (14) got his 19th victory against Kondo Seiya (20). Fujii has won the classification for the Ryuou tournament for the group 6, so, he will pass to the next round where there is a single-elimination tournament. His first game will be against Masuda Yasuhiro. He needs 6 more victories in this tournament so he can challenge Watanabe Akira for the Ryuou title. He won the Block…

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Fujii Souta got 11 straight victories


Fujii Souta broke a new record with his 11th victory in a row since he became a professional. His first game was against Kato Hifumi, the oldest shogi player, and since then he has won another 7 games plus 3 games for the NHK tournament. His previous record became the youngest professional player. 凄いです…。明日「おはよう日本」でこのニュースを扱ってくださるそうです(放映は7:00〜7:30のどこかを予定とのこと)。私はVTR解説させていただきます!将棋最年少プロ 藤井四段 デビュー11連勝の新記録 | NHKニュース https://t.co/SzybZ2JuQX — なかむらたいち (@banibanilla) April 4, 2017 Other genius players who become pro players when they were a…

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