Fujii Souta 29th victory

Yes, I know. Recently I only speak about Fujii Souta but what he is doing is really incredible. He won yesterday to Masuda at the Ryuou preliminaries and broke the record of longest consecutive victory row in shogi. 【速報 JUST IN 】将棋 藤井四段が29連勝 30年ぶりに記録更新 #nhk_news https://t.co/tQYyKLC4hE — NHKニュース (@nhk_news) June 26, 2017 Here in Japan has started a real shogi fever (Fujii Souta fever) and many people started to assist to shogi lessons and even…

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Fujii Souta 17 straight victories


A few weeks ago we talked about how Fujii Souta broke the record of straight victories for a newcomer professional. But he didn’t stop there. He is still winning and now he has 17 straight victories! 中学生棋士の藤井聡太四段がまた勝ちました。公式戦連勝記録は17に更新。次の対局は18日にあります。 https://t.co/aCizt4E9tl pic.twitter.com/jr7cka1rFz — 朝日新聞デジタル編集部 (@asahicom) May 13, 2017 Now he is on his way to broke a new record that is the most straight victories ever. Now he has 17 victories but this record was set in 28…

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