Watanabe got the Ousho title

渡辺明棋王が5期ぶり通算3期目の王将復位 【 #王将戦 七番勝負第4局】●久保利明王将VS○渡辺明棋王 渡辺棋王が4連勝で王将戦を制しました。渡辺棋王は5期ぶり通算3期目の王将獲得、二冠を達成しました。#ShogiLivehttps://t.co/pu0Eftaa0k — 日本将棋連盟【公式】 (@shogi_jsa) February 25, 2019 Watanabe Akira has won 4 games in a row on the Ousho title match against Kubo Toshiaki. Watanabe, who lost against Fujii at the Asahi final a few days ago, got his big second title and now he is in possession of the Kiou and the Ousho titles. The last game was played in the Okinawa islands. 明日から王将戦第4局が行われるのを前に、久保利明王将と渡辺明棋王が沖縄入りしました。首里城で記念撮影した後、前夜祭会場に向かいました。 pic.twitter.com/tWg1pATzqg — 毎日新聞・将棋 (@mainichi_shogi) February 23,…

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An amateur has beaten 6 professional players at the Ginga tournament

2月19日に囲碁・将棋チャンネルで放映された第27期銀河戦のAブロック6回戦で、折田翔 – Yahoo!ニュース(文春オンライン) Source: 銀河戦でアマチュア棋士がプロ相手に6人抜き 折田翔吾アマ、木村孝太郎アマに聞く(文春オンライン) – Yahoo!ニュース The amateur player Orita Shougo has won against 6 professional players at the tournament of Ginga. Orita was member of the Shoureikai and he even get to the 3rd dan but due to the age limitation he had to quit. The Ginga tournamentis organized by the Igo&shogi channel, a TV station focused on Igo and Shogi. Within the 96 players that participate every year at the Ginga tournament…

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Fujii Souta wins again the Asahi cup

SmartSelect_20190220-123714_Shogi DB2.jpg

Fujii Souta won the final game on February 16 against the top player Watanabe Akira. On the semifinal he also beat the strong player Namekata. 朝日杯将棋オープン戦で2連覇した藤井聡太七段(16)。強さの背景に、同時昇級を逃しても「くくくっ」と笑いあえる、師匠・杉本昌隆七段(50)との強い師弟愛がありました。https://t.co/9R7YzzRPgt pic.twitter.com/0fESaVUYr4 — 朝日新聞(asahi shimbun) (@asahi) February 16, 2019 This is the second victory on a row of the Asahi cup of Fujii. He showed a high level shogi. On the final game, Watanabe acknowledged that he didn’t even was able to find where was his mistake. They played both…

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Fujii Souta wins the Shinjin tournament and breaks a new record

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Fujii Souta has won the second game of the Shinjin tournament against Deguchi, the other finalist, who is still in the shoreikai league. This is second title of Fujii since he won the Asahi cup in February. 結果速報【第49期新人王戦 決勝三番勝負】10/17(水) 藤井聡太七段 vs.出口若武三段の第2局は、藤井七段が105手までで勝利し、自身最後の新人王戦を優勝、そして新人王戦優勝の最年少記録を31年ぶりに更新しました。ただいま感想戦を生放送中です。 ▼視聴https://t.co/qF7Jkha9rm pic.twitter.com/vzvuc6m6rB — ニコ生公式_将棋 (@nico2shogi) October 17, 2018 They played they the reclining silver exchange bishop openning and it looked like Fujii got this openning prepared before the game. Until this position both players…

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