‘I have a car…’


Yes, I know this is a strange title for a shogi post but this has a reason.  This weekend I will appear on japanese TV!! And not only this! I will appear on a program about shogi! There is a TV program on the TV Tokyo named ‘I have a car…’ (車あるんですけど) where they borrow a car to someone so he can go where he wants. This week, a professional model, a japanese comedian and…

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English Shogi Community in Tokyo

Last Sunday I assist in Tokyo to the first meet-up of the English Shogi Community in Tokyo. We were 5 attendants (3 japanese, 1 french and me). We met on the win-win cafe near Gotanda station in Tokyo. After introducing ourselves, we played a paired shogi game (2 vs 3) and after finish it, we had a little chit-chat and a 1 vs 1 game. If you want to play shogi and speak English feel free…

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Tendo Shogi pieces Festival in Tokyo


Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 was held on Tokyo city the festival of Shogi pieces of the city of Tendo 天童市. Tendo is a small city in the prefecture of Yamagata. It is know by his famous craftsman (the best boards and pieces are done at this city), and all the city is decorated with shogi motif. On the exposition there were some pieces and boards made by different craftsman and even you could drawn…

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