How to attack the Mino castle – Part 1


This is the first part of a group of post about learning how to attack the Mino castle. Some weeks ago I showed you the basics of how to build a Mino castle. Now is the time for review the way to destroy the enemy’s Mino castle. Let’s remember the initial position of Mino. Here are the main ways for attack the Mino castle: Kobin (diagonal of the King) Attack the Gold on 5b. Tarefu (dangling pawn)…

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HInsurance -Brain study of shogi players reveals new insights into intuitive strategy decision-making

We often make strategic decisions intuitively – before evaluating all our options. For example, in games of strategy, players quickly adopt a stance of attack or defense. Exactly how this occurs, is not clear to brain researchers. Now, an imaging study of people playing the Japanese chess game shogi reveals some new clues about this intuitive strategy decision process. Researchers found that different regions of the brain separately encoded the values of offensive and defensive…

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One of the most used castles for the dynamic tower tactics is the Mino Castle. Its speed of construction and its hardness makes that we find ourselves with difficulties if our rival decides to construct the Mino. With Castle Mino, we will be very protected against the lateral attacks although it fails if our opponent attacks from the front, especially if it has a Bishop and a Knight. For that reason, once we have finished…

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