Fujii Souta 17 straight victories


A few weeks ago we talked about how Fujii Souta broke the record of straight victories for a newcomer professional. But he didn’t stop there. He is still winning and now he has 17 straight victories! 中学生棋士の藤井聡太四段がまた勝ちました。公式戦連勝記録は17に更新。次の対局は18日にあります。 https://t.co/aCizt4E9tl pic.twitter.com/jr7cka1rFz — 朝日新聞デジタル編集部 (@asahicom) May 13, 2017 Now he is on his way to broke a new record that is the most straight victories ever. Now he has 17 victories but this record was set in 28…

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