WSL: Chile vs Spain


At the end of May there was again a WSL game with the Spanish team. This time was the team from Chile. After exchange Bishops, my opponent made an opening mistake. After ▲P-2d △Px2d and ▲Rx2d I can place my Bishop at the square 5c, threatening the Rook and the Pawn at 5g. After the Rook takes the Pawn at 3d the Bishop can take the Pawn at 5g promoting into a Horse. If sente…

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WSL: Spain vs Ukraine


My worst game on the WSL ever. I played a really bad opening and my rival didn’t waste his chance. I played exchange bishop but a big mistake on the move 31 allow to borisbaydenko to make a powerful attack. I tried to defend the position waiting for a mistake of my rival but the difference was too big. Here I make a big mistake. I played B*92 with the intention of defending my Gold…

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WSL: Denmark vs Spain


I am currently participating in the Shogi Internet World League which is hosted on the 81dojo online portal. In this league each participating country presents teams of 3 players to play in a league with one game per month. At the level of the teams is fairly even so allowing interesting encounters. The Spanish team is in Division B with other teams such as Denmark, Peru, Ukraine (1 and 2) Chile, Poland Brazil, Japan 2…

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