Hifumin love! Katou Hifumi x Morning Musume


This year’s shogi fever still continues in Japan thanks to the 3 main characters: Fujii Souta, the youngest shogi player, Habu Yoshiharu who got the eternal seven crown, and Katou Hifumi “Hifumin” the oldest shogi player who retired this year. Hifumin has now quite free time and he is using it for his second hobby, appear on variety TV shows. He was already a regular at the TV program of Matsuko Delux and now he…

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Nya shogi song

Yesterday I came back from the Tendou city human shogi festival and I have a lot to write about it. I will divide it in some post because I take more than 1000 pictures in this 2 days.

For start, I would like to introduce you this video with the song of nya shogi from the anime March comes in like a lion. Before I put a video about my son dancing and this time will be many pre-schoolers from the city of Tendou who is dancing this song.


I will upload more videos about my visit to Tendou and I’m planning to start some shogi lessons on youtube so I recommend you to subscribe to my youtube channel.

A sky without borders


「終わりのない空」 (A sky without borders) is one of the songs that appear in the movie Satoshi no Seishun. This song is played by Hata Motohiro. Hata has created many popular songs for anime or movies like his 2008 single “Kimi, Meguru, Boku” wich was used for the animated series of Itazura na Kiss. He also made the song for the seventh season of Naruto: Shippuden called “Tomei datta sekai“

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