Habu beats Satou on the first game of the Meijin title


Yesterday finished the first game of the Meijin title. Habu was sente and the opening was Side pawn capture. In a very early stage of the game Satou tried a fierce attack against Habu’s king. This is the position before the sealed move of Satou. Habu, below side, has got a rook, 2 knights and and a silver in exchange of a bishop, a knight, a gold and a silver. Both kings are not quite…

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Satomi defends Ouza title

Satomi Kana defended against Katou Momoko the Ouza title in a 3 wins streak. Satomi also won the Kurashiki title a few days ago so now she is a 5 title holder (Meijin, Oui, Ousho, Kurashiki and Ouza). She didn’t give Katou any chance and won 3rd match hold on Shizuoka. Satomi was born in the city of Izumi at the prefecture of Shimane in 1992. She started to get interested in shogi at a very…

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Satomi wins Kurashiki Touka tournament

Satomi Kana won the Kurashiki Touka tournament in a 3 match final against Muroya Yuki. Satomi was able to defend the title The first game on November 8 was in the building of the Japan Federation but the last decisive two games were held in the city of Kurashiki, at the prefecture of Okayama. The Kurashiki Touka tournament (倉敷藤花戦) is an official tournament celebrated since 1993 in the city of Kurashiki, another famous Shogi spot like…

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