Anaguma, 穴熊, is one of the strongest shogi openings. Usually, it takes quite a time to build but once it is complete your opponent will have to struggle to get your King. You can build and anaguma for the static or ranging rook but on today’s lesson, we will see how to make it for the static rook. How to build an anaguma castle: First of all, we need to bring our King to the…

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Demon Killer

Demon Killer (鬼殺し – Onigoroshi) is a furibisha strategy where you can create a fast attack against your opponent’s king. Nowadays there are no professional players who play this opening. This is considered a kishuu (surprise) opening. If the opponent knows the correct moves he can get a better position but if he mistakes or doesn’t know the correct moves you can get a great advantage. Even if you are not gonna play it I…

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One of the most used castles for the dynamic tower tactics is the Mino Castle. Its speed of construction and its hardness makes that we find ourselves with difficulties if our rival decides to construct the Mino. With Castle Mino, we will be very protected against the lateral attacks although it fails if our opponent attacks from the front, especially if it has a Bishop and a Knight. For that reason, once we have finished…

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Yagura -1 矢倉


This is first of a series of post were I will talk about different openings 序盤, how to build a good castle for protect the king and how to attack your enemies castle. One of the main castle in Shogi is the Yagura. According to Yonenaga, president of the Japan Shogi Association from 2005 to 2012, the Yagura is the pure art of Shogi. First of all let’s remember the initial position in the shogi…

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