Shogi Tournament on AbemaTV

Due to the coronaviurs many shogi players has to stay home so they are not able to play their usual games. Like many of us they has started to work from home so many players are offering online shogi classes, making some videos for youtube or playing online. The video streaming company AbemaTV has a Shogi channel that it is accessible from outside Japan, so it is possible to see many games there. The time…

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“Shogi Wars: Game 1 (2018/09/14)”

From today on I will try to upload one game per day to youtube. At first I tried to to comment while play it but it was quite complicated follow the game and speak in English at the same time. Here is the first game played on Shogi wars. My nickname is lordjackes. This game I play against a 4th dan player and after an interesting middle game I made an horrible mistake on the…

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Where to buy shogi pieces in the US


If you are interested in shogi maybe you want to buy your first shogi set for practice with your friends. There are not so many shops that sell the board and the pieces so the fastest way can be bought it online. Amazon is a big and trusty online shop so I recommend that one. There are some differents boards so you can choose which you want. For start maybe you can choose a small…

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