Satou Amahiko defended his Meijin title


将棋の第75期名人戦第6局(甲府市・常磐ホテル)は佐藤天彦名人が勝ち、名人位を初防衛しました。4勝2敗でした。 #将棋 #名人戦 #佐藤天彦 #甲府 — 毎日新聞イベント (@mainichi_event) June 6, 2017 A few hours ago, on his 6th game for the Meijin title, Satou Amahiko was able to beat Inaba Akira. In this way, Satou will be the Meijin for one more year. Satou took the lead the last game and didn’t let escape this chance. The game was held at the Tokiwa Hotel of the city of Koufu, at the prefecture of Yamanashi. Inaba was…

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Satou Amahiko takes the lead at the Meijin final.


Last month started the 7th games final between the actual Meijin, Satou Amahiko, and the challenger Inaba Akira. The Meijin tournament is the most important of all. Only the winner of the A group is allowed to challenge the Meijin. All the players are divided into different leagues from C2 to A. The players who win the lower leagues can promotion into higher leagues so not all the players get the opportunity. Last season winner…

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Inaba will be the next Meijin challenger.


Inaba Akira won his last game on the A group against Moriuchi so he became the leader of the league with 8 victories and only 1 lost game. He will play a seven match game against Satou Amahiko that will decide who will be the next Meijin. Inaba, 28 years old, was born in the prefecture of Hyogo and he form part of a strong group of young players from the Kansai federation (the shogi…

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