2nd season of March comes in like a lion from October 14th

第2シリーズ2017年10月14日よりNHK総合テレビにて毎週土曜23:00〜放送。Blu-ray&DVD第4巻は8/23(水)発売! The second season of the anime of March comes in like a lion will arrive at the TV on October 14th. This anime has attracted much attention in shogi to people who didn’t know anything about the game. This spring there was also the movies of March comes in like a lion with the actor Kamiki Ryuunosuke playing the role of Kiriyama Rei. This season will continue with the story of the manga that will…

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New shogi tv show: Shogi Meshi


The manga of Shogi Meshi has got his adaptation to a mini-TV show thanks to the Fuji channel. It is broadcast at 2:30 of Wednesday night but it can rewatch on Fuji on demand app for mobile phone. There are 8 episodes of 20 minutes each. 将棋めし2話を見逃した方❤️ 【無料】第二食 2017/8/8放送 欲張りの特上ちらし! – FOD – フジテレビの動画配信サービスhttps://t.co/m778PBCk7b ここから見るのだ😳❣️ pic.twitter.com/w89VZqENlX — 内田理央←だーりお (@lespros_rio) August 10, 2017 This manga started last year in August and sold his first volume in…

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Shogi in culture – Naruto

Shogi is very present at japanese culture. Too many books, manga, anime or movies have a narrative about shogi or include it as an element. On of the most famous manga around the world, Naruto ナルト, showed us Shikamaru and Asuma playing together. Too many foreigners started to learn about shogi when they saw this scene in the anime show. Even an actual womens professional player Karolina Styczyinska1 got interested in shogi thanks to this…

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