Shogi and let’s catch the lion workshop in Australia

The Sidney shogi club is organizing a workshop of shogi and let’s catch the lion and they will have the visit of the female professional player Kitao Madoka. Guys!!! Have you been SHOCKED like this before?? Like getting huge thunder attacking to you, fall down, get unconscious.. but still have shogi piece in your hand!! 😖 Listen!! Pro Shogi player & Dobutsu shogi inventor!! Madoka Kitao sensei is coming to Sydney!!!! 1st April! 💥…

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Let’s catch the lion


Let’s catch the lion (doubutsu shogi), is a simplified Shogi version using only a 3×4 squares board. This game is perfect for kids o for anyone who is starting how to play Shogi. Strategy games have a lot of benefits especially for kids but sometimes it can be complicated if the parents don’t know the game. Let’s catch the lion is very easy to play because it only has 4 pieces the  chick, the giraffe,…

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