Satou Amahiko takes the lead at the Meijin final.


Last month started the 7th games final between the actual Meijin, Satou Amahiko, and the challenger Inaba Akira. The Meijin tournament is the most important of all. Only the winner of the A group is allowed to challenge the Meijin. All the players are divided into different leagues from C2 to A. The players who win the lower leagues can promotion into higher leagues so not all the players get the opportunity. Last season winner…

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Satomi wins Kurashiki Touka tournament

Satomi Kana won the Kurashiki Touka tournament in a 3 match final against Muroya Yuki. Satomi was able to defend the title The first game on November 8 was in the building of the Japan Federation but the last decisive two games were held in the city of Kurashiki, at the prefecture of Okayama. The Kurashiki Touka tournament (倉敷藤花戦) is an official tournament celebrated since 1993 in the city of Kurashiki, another famous Shogi spot like…

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