Tendo city promotion video


Last weekend there was the Human Shogi game of Tendo city. Last year I had the opportunity to visit it and even take photos very near from the board. This year I couldn’t visit it but I would like to show this city promotion video in English. I hope you like it. The professional players who attend this year were Yamazaki, Yashiki. Segawa, Hifumin, Kagawa and Karolina. If you want to know more about the…

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Hifumin love! Katou Hifumi x Morning Musume


This year’s shogi fever still continues in Japan thanks to the 3 main characters: Fujii Souta, the youngest shogi player, Habu Yoshiharu who got the eternal seven crown, and Katou Hifumi “Hifumin” the oldest shogi player who retired this year. Hifumin has now quite free time and he is using it for his second hobby, appear on variety TV shows. He was already a regular at the TV program of Matsuko Delux and now he…

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Kanazawa Bunko Shogi Salon: Katou Hifumi Seminar


Last Sunday I went for the first time to the Kanagawa Bunko Shogi Salon. This Shogi dojo opened last year and it’s 1-minute walk from the station of Kanazawa Bunko of the Keikyu line. This club opens every day from 13h to 21h and the entrance fee is 950 yen (≈8.5 USD), 700 yen (≈6 USD) for women and 600 (≈5.5 USD) yen for students. They organize many events and invite many players. This day the Shogi Club had the visit…

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Kato Hifumi becomes the oldest shogi player

Katou Hifumi (加藤 一二三) broke the record as the oldest shogi player this week when he surpassed Maruta Yuuzou. Katou had the record as the youngest shogi player before Fujii took it last year. Now, Katou is 77 years old so he has been playing for 63 years. He got multiple titles in his career. Meijin title 1982 10-grade title 1968, 1980 &1981 Oui title  1984 Oushou title 1978  Kiou title 1976 & 1977 He…

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Youngest pro shogi player, 14, to face 76-year-old veteran in tournament – The Mainichi

Sota Fujii, who at 14 years and two months became Japan’s youngest professional shogi player on Oct. 1, is set to go up against the oldest player, 76-year-old Hifumi Kato, in his first official match. Source: Youngest pro shogi player, 14, to face 76-year-old veteran in tournament – The Mainichi

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