New year’s Shogi ceremony

Satou Amahiko Mejin

On January 5, I was able to attend a guest thanks to Terao Manabu, director of the NPO ISPS ( International Shogi Popularization Society ) To the Shogi New Year’s Ceremony in Japanese sashi hajime shiki 指し初め式. In this ceremony carried out by the priests of the temple next to the federation building, players who currently have a title present their respects to an altar with the form of a giant Shogi piece. At the…

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Satoshi: A move for tomorrow


Last month I went to see the movie Satoshi: A move for tomorrow. This film is based on the book Satoshi no Seishun that narrates the life of Murayama Satoshi. The movie is focused on already an adult Murayama (Matsuyama Ken’ichi) only showing small fragments of his childhood. His eternal rival, Habu Yoshiharu (Higashide Masahiro), has become the new Meijin and Satoshi decides to move to Tokyo so he can be near him. Satoshi has…

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Words of Habu at Futakami’s farewell


Futakami Tatsuya past away on November 1st due to pneumonia. He was the teacher of Habu Yoshiharu and one of the greatest shogi players of all the time. This is the words that Habu said at Futakami’s farewell. Words of remembrance   It was autumn 35 years ago that I asked my teacher the request for entry. I was very nervous, but the quiet and dignified figure was very impressive. When I went back home…

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