Habu will be the next challenger of the Ryuuou title


A few days after he lost the Oui title against Sugai, Habu Yoshiharu had an important game against Matsuo Ayumu. They played the third and last game for decide who is the challenger of the Ryuuou title.  渡辺明竜王の挑戦者を決める第30期竜王戦挑戦者決定三番勝負第3局が、9月8日(金)に行われ、羽生善治二冠が松尾八段に勝利し、第23期以来の竜王戦七番勝負登場を決めました。 https://t.co/7lFaj7qN4g — 日本将棋連盟【公式】 (@shogi_jsa) September 10, 2017 Habu won the first game but Matsuo was able to won the second. The last game they played yokofu-dori opening. Matsuo finished with his king right on the middle of the board. …

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Shogi game with real Toyota cars


A few years ago there was a special program about shogi where Habu Yoshiharu played a game against Toyoshima Masayuki. This game was carried out at the baseball Seibu domed stadium in Saitama. Each player had to give orders to their drivers to move the car/piece to the desired square. It is similar to the human shogi of Tendo but using cars instead for people. All cars were from Toyota who sponsored the event. There…

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Sugai Tatsuya steals the Oui title from Habu

On August 30, Sugai Tatsuya (菅井 竜也) got his 4th victory against Habu Yoshiharu and proclaimed himself with the Oui title. He is the first shogi player born in the Heisei era who got a title and this can mark a change. The final result of the match was 4 – 1 with the victory of the young challenger. 【#将棋 ニュース】菅井竜也七段が初タイトル!羽生善治三冠に4勝1敗/将棋・王位戦七番勝負|Abema TIMES https://t.co/bynzmCaTSi #AbemaTV — AbemaTV 将棋ch【公式】 (@abematv_shogi) August 30, 2017 Sugai played a very strange…

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Recent news

I’m sorry I won’t be able to update the blog more regularly. I have been quite busy and I couldn’t dedicate the time this blog deserves. Many things have happened in this weeks while I was away. Fujii Souta has lost twice Since the winning strike was growing up everyone was expecting to see who was the player who will beat to Fujii. He lost his 30th game against Sasaki Yuuki. This lost means that…

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Fujii Souta 7 games match


The internet TV provider AbemaTV is organizing a match for Fujii Souta so he can play against from the young pro players until the strongest players. Fujii became a professional last year and his first game was against Kato Hifumin making this the match between the oldest and the youngest player. Fujii already played 6 official games since he became a professional and he doesn’t have lost any game yet. He has a 6 victory strike…

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