Birthday presents


Today, November 30, is my birthday so what a better opportunity for buy myself a few shogi books. I’m usually a ibisha (static rook) player but I want to learn to play furibushi (ranging rook) too so I bought two books about furibisha and one book about the endgame. 角交換四間飛車 The first one is exchange bishop 4th column ranging rook. I choose this one because I always has problems playing against this opening. So I…

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Demon Killer

Demon Killer (鬼殺し – Onigoroshi) is a furibisha strategy where you can create a fast attack against your opponent’s king. Nowadays there are no professional players who play this opening. This is considered a kishuu (surprise) opening. If the opponent knows the correct moves he can get a better position but if he mistakes or doesn’t know the correct moves you can get a great advantage. Even if you are not gonna play it I…

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