Watanabe wins the third game and sets the match in 1-2

After the 2 consecutive wins of Fujii Souta in the Kisei tournament everyone was looking for the third game. If Fujii would have won that game he would have got his first title. But his rival is Watanabe Akira, a genius player that also become a professional when he was a middle schooler like Fujii. Watanabe made an incredible theoretical preparation for the game. Fuji-Watanabe game 3 of the Kisei match.Fuji said his prep lasted…

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A 600 million move


A 600 million move. This is what Fujii Souta did on the second game of the Kisei Tournament. Let me explain first. Watanabe Akira and Fujii Souta were playing the second game of the Kisei title match. It was a quite equal position. The challenger, Fujii, is forming an attack but the king of Watanabe is still well protected. The analysis machine for the game shows Knight 46 as the best move, attacking the gold…

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Incredible. Fujii Souta did it again!

Last month, I wrote about how Fujii Souta was in trouble for broke the record as the youngest challenger of a big title due to the coronavirus. He needed to win against the previous Meijin holder Satou Amahiko and Nagase Takuya, actual holder of the Eiou and Ouza title. The first game of the challenge for the Kisei tournament was on June, 8 so he was 4 days younger than Yashiki who hold the previous…

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Fujii Souta is in a pinch due to the coronavirus

Fujii Souta continues with his incredible performance since he started as professional player in 2016. Every year his performance has been over 80% of victories and he has acquired many records like longest win streak, youngest 7th Dan. He has won already some small tournaments like the Asahi, twice, and the shinjin but he has not play any final game for the big tournaments (Ryuuou, Kiou, Ousho…). 【ヒューリック杯棋聖戦決勝トーナメント、ベスト4決定】 第91期ヒューリック杯棋聖戦決勝トーナメントはベスト4が揃いました。準決勝、永瀬拓矢二冠VS山崎隆之八段戦、佐藤天彦九段VS藤井聡太七段戦が行われます。https://t.co/YN8e997m5L — 日本将棋連盟【公式】 (@shogi_jsa) April 10, 2020…

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Fujii Souta wins again the Asahi cup

SmartSelect_20190220-123714_Shogi DB2.jpg

Fujii Souta won the final game on February 16 against the top player Watanabe Akira. On the semifinal he also beat the strong player Namekata. 朝日杯将棋オープン戦で2連覇した藤井聡太七段(16)。強さの背景に、同時昇級を逃しても「くくくっ」と笑いあえる、師匠・杉本昌隆七段(50)との強い師弟愛がありました。https://t.co/9R7YzzRPgt pic.twitter.com/0fESaVUYr4 — 朝日新聞(asahi shimbun) (@asahi) February 16, 2019 This is the second victory on a row of the Asahi cup of Fujii. He showed a high level shogi. On the final game, Watanabe acknowledged that he didn’t even was able to find where was his mistake. They played both…

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