Ryuuou title first game: Watanabe vs Habu


Today has started the 30th edition of the Ryuuou tournament with the first game between the actual title holder, Watanabe Akira, and the challenger Habu Yoshiharu. Last year there was a big controversy due to the accusations of the Shogi federation to the challenger Miura that resulted in the change of the challenger. This case finished with the resign of the federation chairman. On the final match, the new challenger Maruyama couldn’t surpass Watanabe and…

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Shogi Pieces – The Rook

The Rook is the strongest piece in Shogi. His large range makes it very useful for attack the enemy. The Rook is called 飛車 (hisha) in japanese. It can moves any number of squares in orthogonal direction. Promotion: the promotion of any piece except the King is possible in shogi when it arrives to the 7th, 8th or 9th row. In the most of cases you can choose to promote the piece or not (there…

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