A 600 million move


A 600 million move. This is what Fujii Souta did on the second game of the Kisei Tournament. Let me explain first. Watanabe Akira and Fujii Souta were playing the second game of the Kisei title match. It was a quite equal position. The challenger, Fujii, is forming an attack but the king of Watanabe is still well protected. The analysis machine for the game shows Knight 46 as the best move, attacking the gold…

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AlphaGo—Marvels of Artificial Intelligence for go | SaferClimbing.org

Very recently a shocking news hit the headline: one of the best go players in the world lost by 1-4 against a go-playing software. Here is the related history and what I thought of about it. History of artificial intelligence (AI) Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been in people’s imagination for ages. One of the most famous and first AIs in novels is HAL 9000 in Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey series, starting from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Source: AlphaGo—Marvels of Artificial Intelligence for go | SaferClimbing.org

This article is mainly about igo and how AlphaGo won to the best player in the world but there is some talk about shogi and chess too so I thought it was interesting. A few weeks ago the best player in shogi was also beaten by an artificial intelligence.

English live commentary on the 2nd Eiou Tournament Final

The Eiou Tournament is a competition where the best computer program will play against the winner of the Shogi player classificatory. This year final will confront the actual Meijin Satou Amahiko 佐藤天彦 against Shota Chida 翔太千田. Shota is maybe the Shogi player who knows best about computer Shogi. On the other hand, Satou nowadays holds the most important title in Shogi. The second game will have live English commentaries performed by the Ladies Shogi player…

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CB News – The Knight that Jumps High Falls Prey to a Pawn (2) | Chess News

You can read the first part of the article here: The Knight that Jumps High Falls Prey to a Pawn (1) In this second part on the world of shogi, you will see what the state of computer playing software is, and how they compare to chess engines, as well as online resources, and of course how they approach teaching the complex game to children. There is also a profile of Karolina Styczynska, who taught…

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