Shogi Arrives in America


The first known game of shogi in America took place in June of 1860 at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Japan had recently ended its 250 years of isolation, and sent a mission to the USA to ratify the Treaty of Friendship. As part of the diplomatic mission’s visit to Philadelphia, members of the delegation visited the Athenaeum. The Athenaeum (located at 219 South 6th Street between St. James Place and Locust Street) was a 15-year-old…

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Where to buy shogi pieces in the US


If you are interested in shogi maybe you want to buy your first shogi set for practice with your friends. There are not so many shops that sell the board and the pieces so the fastest way can be bought it online. Amazon is a big and trusty online shop so I recommend that one. There are some differents boards so you can choose which you want. For start maybe you can choose a small…

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