Thousands of amateurs against Kimura

Along with the Abema tournament, the streaming company has prepared some other events for the fans. Next Friday (May, 29) at 13:00 japan local time, the player Kazuki Kimura will play one game against everyone who wants to join. The amateur players will say their move by comments on twitter or the Abema channel. Kazuki Kimura has the record as the player who got the first title in the oldest age. He is known by…

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What is the rank system (dan) for Shogi?

Many of you maybe know about the rank system in shogi from some martial art like karate or judo but some of you may not know what is the meaning of the words “dan”  and “kyuu”. What means dan / kyuu? The word dan, 段, comes from the japanese means literally step or stage but it is used for indicating the rank or grade as the level of expertise and knowledge. The kyuu, 級, is used…

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Amateur Shogi Team tournament


Last month I was invited by the members of International Shogi Popularization Society (ISPS) to be a member of their team at the Amateur Shogi team tournament done at the Industry and Trade building near the Asakusa temple. There are 6 different leagues divided by the team strength. Our team was new so we started in the league 5. There are around 20 teams in each league and the tournament is played for four days.…

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