Will Habu get his eternity Ryuuou title?


In a few moments will start the 5th and maybe the last game of the Ryuuou title match.  Yesterday night there was the game eve at the japanese inn where the game will be held.  竜王戦第5局 前夜祭会場の薩摩伝承館 pic.twitter.com/1FErrrX91o — 7六歩 (@76_fu) December 3, 2017 明日午前9時に対局開始です。前夜祭はたくさんの皆様が来ていただきました。どのような1日目になるか楽しみです。 pic.twitter.com/1DmLiwos6P — 飯島栄治 (@eijijima) December 3, 2017 Who will win this important game? Will Habu finally get his last eternal title? Can Watanabe recover?  The game will finish tomorrow night…

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Ryuuou tournament 4th game: Habu wins and needs only one more victory

On the 4th game of the Ryuuou tournament Habu beat Watanabe and won a very important game. He has now 3 victories and needs just one more so he will became the Ryuuou title holder and the perpetual Ryuuou title. With this new title he can became the permanent holder of all the titles.  #将棋#竜王戦 第四局 二日目#羽生善治棋聖 🆚 #渡辺明竜王 最終盤 僕はかなり羽生棋聖優勢で楽観視してましたが後から調べてみると、意外や意外80手近くまでは互角だった訳です局後の羽生棋聖の言葉からもわかる様に、全く自信がなかったとの事でしたね 次にこの局面をみていきます pic.twitter.com/7vtEwuxCBu — ゆーし 藤井四段 叡王位へ 板谷一門の宿願 (@TB9wW94MDbj90HZ) November 27, 2017 The next and…

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Ryuuou title first game: Watanabe vs Habu


Today has started the 30th edition of the Ryuuou tournament with the first game between the actual title holder, Watanabe Akira, and the challenger Habu Yoshiharu. Last year there was a big controversy due to the accusations of the Shogi federation to the challenger Miura that resulted in the change of the challenger. This case finished with the resign of the federation chairman. On the final match, the new challenger Maruyama couldn’t surpass Watanabe and…

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Inaba will be the next Meijin challenger.


Inaba Akira won his last game on the A group against Moriuchi so he became the leader of the league with 8 victories and only 1 lost game. He will play a seven match game against Satou Amahiko that will decide who will be the next Meijin. Inaba, 28 years old, was born in the prefecture of Hyogo and he form part of a strong group of young players from the Kansai federation (the shogi…

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Watanabe defended Ryuuou title

On last game of the Ryuuou title celebrated at the prefecture of Niigata the days 21 and 22 of December (2016) Watanabe Akira was able to win to Maruyama. The match became a full set after Maruyama drawn it in the 6th game. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th Total Watanabe Akira 渡辺明 ○ ● ● ○ ○ ● ○ 4 Maruyama Tadahisa 丸山忠久 ● ○ ○ ● ● ○ ● 3 This is…

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