Thousands of amateurs against Kimura

Along with the Abema tournament, the streaming company has prepared some other events for the fans. Next Friday (May, 29) at 13:00 japan local time, the player Kazuki Kimura will play one game against everyone who wants to join. The amateur players will say their move by comments on twitter or the Abema channel. Kazuki Kimura has the record as the player who got the first title in the oldest age. He is known by…

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Shogi Tournament on AbemaTV

Due to the coronaviurs many shogi players has to stay home so they are not able to play their usual games. Like many of us they has started to work from home so many players are offering online shogi classes, making some videos for youtube or playing online. The video streaming company AbemaTV has a Shogi channel that it is accessible from outside Japan, so it is possible to see many games there. The time…

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Fujii Souta 7 games match


The internet TV provider AbemaTV is organizing a match for Fujii Souta so he can play against from the young pro players until the strongest players. Fujii became a professional last year and his first game was against Kato Hifumin making this the match between the oldest and the youngest player. Fujii already played 6 official games since he became a professional and he doesn’t have lost any game yet. He has a 6 victory strike…

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