Live action of March comes in like a lion

The trailer and and poster of the live action movie of March comes in like a lion (3 gatsu no lion) have been released. The director of the film is Ootomo Keishi well know by the Kenshin trilogy. It will be separated in two movies so the first one will be on March 18 and the second one April 22. The actors of the movie will be: Kiriyama Rei: 神木隆之介 (Kamiki Ryuunosuke) From twitter Kawamoto Hinata: 清原果耶…

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Opening of March comes in like a lion

Finally the anime of March comes in like a Lion was aired on japanese public TV NHK. It was a nice chapter where we were introduced to the main characters very loyal to the manga. The anime had a great reception for all shogi fans and for anime viewers.

The opening song, called Fighter, was made by Bump of Chicken.

3月のライオン meets BUMP OF CHICKEN