Watanabe wins the third game and sets the match in 1-2

After the 2 consecutive wins of Fujii Souta in the Kisei tournament everyone was looking for the third game. If Fujii would have won that game he would have got his first title. But his rival is Watanabe Akira, a genius player that also become a professional when he was a middle schooler like Fujii. Watanabe made an incredible theoretical preparation for the game. Fuji-Watanabe game 3 of the Kisei match.Fuji said his prep lasted…

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Watanabe got the Ousho title

渡辺明棋王が5期ぶり通算3期目の王将復位 【 #王将戦 七番勝負第4局】●久保利明王将VS○渡辺明棋王 渡辺棋王が4連勝で王将戦を制しました。渡辺棋王は5期ぶり通算3期目の王将獲得、二冠を達成しました。#ShogiLivehttps://t.co/pu0Eftaa0k — 日本将棋連盟【公式】 (@shogi_jsa) February 25, 2019 Watanabe Akira has won 4 games in a row on the Ousho title match against Kubo Toshiaki. Watanabe, who lost against Fujii at the Asahi final a few days ago, got his big second title and now he is in possession of the Kiou and the Ousho titles. The last game was played in the Okinawa islands. 明日から王将戦第4局が行われるのを前に、久保利明王将と渡辺明棋王が沖縄入りしました。首里城で記念撮影した後、前夜祭会場に向かいました。 pic.twitter.com/tWg1pATzqg — 毎日新聞・将棋 (@mainichi_shogi) February 23,…

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Fujii Souta wins again the Asahi cup

SmartSelect_20190220-123714_Shogi DB2.jpg

Fujii Souta won the final game on February 16 against the top player Watanabe Akira. On the semifinal he also beat the strong player Namekata. 朝日杯将棋オープン戦で2連覇した藤井聡太七段(16)。強さの背景に、同時昇級を逃しても「くくくっ」と笑いあえる、師匠・杉本昌隆七段(50)との強い師弟愛がありました。https://t.co/9R7YzzRPgt pic.twitter.com/0fESaVUYr4 — 朝日新聞(asahi shimbun) (@asahi) February 16, 2019 This is the second victory on a row of the Asahi cup of Fujii. He showed a high level shogi. On the final game, Watanabe acknowledged that he didn’t even was able to find where was his mistake. They played both…

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Watanabe recovers and wins the third game of the Ryuuou tournament

On the third game of the Ryuuou tournament played in Gunma Watanabe was able to recover from his previous two lost and won his game against Habu. 【第30期竜王戦 七番勝負】渡辺明竜王 vs.羽生善治棋聖の第3局は、渡辺竜王が108手までで勝利し、対戦成績を1勝2敗としました。第4局は11/23・24に新潟県三条市の嵐渓荘で行われます。現在、感想戦を生放送中です。 ●視聴→ https://t.co/gHL8qXV3l3 pic.twitter.com/2Rs8ISz4HC — ニコ生公式_将棋 (@nico2shogi) November 5, 2017 After this weekly meeting of players on the Ryuuou title match there will be a small break until the next game. They will meet again in the prefecture of Niigata at the ryokan named Rankei the days…

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Second game of the Ryuuou tournament


Today in Oofunato, prefecture of Iwate, there will be the second match of the Ryuuou title. Habu won the first game played a few days ago. [竜王戦中継ブログ]対局検分: 16時30分ごろ、対局場の「大船渡市民文化会館」で、対局検分が行われました。 対局検分は、対局に使う盤駒、対局場の温度や明るさが対局に適したものであるかを確認することです。今回は特に問題なく、… https://t.co/TWKEcmMFwj pic.twitter.com/74XAbs5CkQ — 棋戦中継ブログ更新通知bot (@shogilive_blog) October 27, 2017 If you want to watch the game online you can try this link. http://sp.live2.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv306361793?ref=sharetw

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