I Open Shogi Barcelona

shogi barcelona

Days 17 and 18 of June will be held in Barcelona the first Open Shogi in Barcelona. It is organized by the Shogienespañol club. It will be a 6 round tournament and of 30 minutes and 30 seconds for byoyomi (once the 30 minutes finish it will be the time for each move). The registration fee is 15€ and it includes sandwiches, snacks, and drinks. The tournament offers the opportunity for the players of go…

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Fujii Souta got 11 straight victories


Fujii Souta broke a new record with his 11th victory in a row since he became a professional. His first game was against Kato Hifumi, the oldest shogi player, and since then he has won another 7 games plus 3 games for the NHK tournament. His previous record became the youngest professional player. 凄いです…。明日「おはよう日本」でこのニュースを扱ってくださるそうです(放映は7:00〜7:30のどこかを予定とのこと)。私はVTR解説させていただきます!将棋最年少プロ 藤井四段 デビュー11連勝の新記録 | NHKニュース https://t.co/SzybZ2JuQX — なかむらたいち (@banibanilla) April 4, 2017 Other genius players who become pro players when they were a…

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Anaguma, 穴熊, is one of the strongest shogi openings. Usually, it takes quite a time to build but once it is complete your opponent will have to struggle to get your King. You can build and anaguma for the static or ranging rook but on today’s lesson, we will see how to make it for the static rook. How to build an anaguma castle: First of all, we need to bring our King to the…

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Shogi X’Mas Festa


On Saturday, December 17, I wen to the Christmas party organized by the Japanese Shogi Federation. This event was attended by several players like Satou Yasumitsu, Moriuchi Toshiyuki, Nakamura Osamu, Hashimoto Takanori, Nishio Akira, Sanmaidou Tatsuya and also players like Kai Tomomi, Kagawa Manao, Nakamura Marika, Suzuki Kanna, Yamaguchi Eriko, Totsuda Erika. The party was divided into two parts, the first from 14 to 16 and the second from 17:20 to 20:00. Between the two…

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