“Shogi Wars: Game 1 (2018/09/14)”

From today on I will try to upload one game per day to youtube. At first I tried to to comment while play it but it was quite complicated follow the game and speak in English at the same time. Here is the first game played on Shogi wars. My nickname is lordjackes. This game I play against a 4th dan player and after an interesting middle game I made an horrible mistake on the…

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America wins the International Shogi Forum


Last weekend in KitaKyuushuu there was the International Shogi Forum. This event happens once every 3 years and the strongest players around the world meet in maybe the most important tournament for foreigners. Three years ago this tournament was in Shizuoka and I was able to visit it but this year due to personal reasons I couldn’t go. The winner in Shizuoka was the special invited representative from Japan. A schoolboy. This year, the invited player from…

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Shogi International Forum


Today has started the International Shogi Forum in KitaKyushuu. The main tournament will be played tomorrow. Here is the list of the participant members: 1 Europe Norway Richart Bjerke 2 Sweden Christer Hartman 3 Finland Mikko Tornqvist 4 United Kingdom Steven Cain 5 Portugal Fernando Batista 6 Spain Jordi Fluvia 7 France Jean Fortin 8 Netherlands Wouter de Haas 9 Belgium Jean-François Hastir 10 Denmark Peter Heine Nielsen 11 Germany Thomas Leiter 12 Italy Michele…

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Shogi Arrives in America


The first known game of shogi in America took place in June of 1860 at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Japan had recently ended its 250 years of isolation, and sent a mission to the USA to ratify the Treaty of Friendship. As part of the diplomatic mission’s visit to Philadelphia, members of the delegation visited the Athenaeum. The Athenaeum (located at 219 South 6th Street between St. James Place and Locust Street) was a 15-year-old…

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Shogi game with real Toyota cars


A few years ago there was a special program about shogi where Habu Yoshiharu played a game against Toyoshima Masayuki. This game was carried out at the baseball Seibu domed stadium in Saitama. Each player had to give orders to their drivers to move the car/piece to the desired square. It is similar to the human shogi of Tendo but using cars instead for people. All cars were from Toyota who sponsored the event. There…

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