“Shogi Wars: Game 1 (2018/09/14)”

From today on I will try to upload one game per day to youtube. At first I tried to to comment while play it but it was quite complicated follow the game and speak in English at the same time. Here is the first game played on Shogi wars. My nickname is lordjackes. This game I play against a 4th dan player and after an interesting middle game I made an horrible mistake on the…

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Shogi Wars


I would like to introduce one of the best mobile apps for play Shogi. ShogiWars (EN) is an app created by HEROZ JAPAN that allows you to play shogi with another people online. There is 3 mode games: 10 minutes game 3 minutes game 10 secondes per move On his free version you can play 3 games per day or try to beat the computer so many times as you want and for 500 yen/month (4.5 euros)…

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