Masuda wins again the Shinjin tournament


For the second year in a row, Masuda has won the Shinjin tournament. This tournament is for players under 26 years old and with a rank less than 6 dan. The challenger this year was again Sasaki Daichi. He beat Fujii Souta at the quarter-final match but lost 2 games against Masuda at the final.   You can watch the game here:   [新人王戦中継ブログ]ご観戦ありがとうございました: 以上で本局の中継を終了いたします。来期の新人王戦もどうぞお楽しみに。 (第48期新人王の栄冠をつかんだ増田四段) (睡蓮) — 棋戦中継ブログ更新通知bot (@shogilive_blog) October 16, 2017…

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