Keikyuu Shogi Matsuri


Every year, at the department store of the Keikyuu line of Kamiooka station in Yokohama there is a shogi festival for 3 days where many players are invited. I was able to assist the second and the third day. On the second day, I made a fast visit and I got the autograph of Karolina Styczyńska and took some photos of Nakamura Taichi and Saito Shintaro. They are called by the fans as the prince…

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Kato Hifumi becomes the oldest shogi player

Katou Hifumi (加藤 一二三) broke the record as the oldest shogi player this week when he surpassed Maruta Yuuzou. Katou had the record as the youngest shogi player before Fujii took it last year. Now, Katou is 77 years old so he has been playing for 63 years. He got multiple titles in his career. Meijin title 1982 10-grade title 1968, 1980 &1981 Oui title  1984 Oushou title 1978  Kiou title 1976 & 1977 He…

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