What is the rank system (dan) for Shogi?

Many of you maybe know about the rank system in shogi from some martial art like karate or judo but some of you may not know what is the meaning of the words “dan”  and “kyuu”. What means dan / kyuu? The word dan, 段, comes from the japanese means literally step or stage but it is used for indicating the rank or grade as the level of expertise and knowledge. The kyuu, 級, is used…

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Kubo won the Ousho title


Kubo Toshiaki (41) won against Goda the 6th match for the Ousho title proclaiming himself the new Ousho title holder. This is the second time he gets the Ousho title after he lost it 6 years ago. Kubo took the lead of the match when he won the first 3 games in a row but Goda was able the next two games. On the last game that started yesterday in the city of Hamamatsu. Kubo…

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