Hello Shogi World

First of all, I will like to salute to all shogi fans who came to this expecting to learn more about the Japanese chess. I learned chess in Barcelona when I was 5 and I have been playing since then. In December of 2010 I started to live in Japan so I decided that I wanted to learn Shogi as well.

There are not so many pages written in English that talks about this oriental variant of chess and most of them are abandoned so I think is quite difficult for a non-Japanese speaker try to find good information about Shogi.

On this blog, I will first explain the rules of the game and then show new diagrams and Shogi strategies for your improvement. Also, you will find a lot of information about tournaments and about Shogi professional players like Yoshiharu Habu, Satoh Amahiko, Watanabe Akira and a lot more… If you are starting from zero I recommend you to read the guide below .


Learn how to play Shogi en 5 minutes!!

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