Second game of the Ryuuou tournament


Today in Oofunato, prefecture of Iwate, there will be the second match of the Ryuuou title. Habu won the first game played a few days ago. [竜王戦中継ブログ]対局検分: 16時30分ごろ、対局場の「大船渡市民文化会館」で、対局検分が行われました。 対局検分は、対局に使う盤駒、対局場の温度や明るさが対局に適したものであるかを確認することです。今回は特に問題なく、… — 棋戦中継ブログ更新通知bot (@shogilive_blog) October 27, 2017 If you want to watch the game online you can try this link.

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Habu takes the lead at the Ryuuou title

Last Friday, the first game of the Ryuuou title started in a hotel near Shibuya. Here is the game:  Shogidb2 The japanese videosite nikoniko made a special presentation video for the Ryuuou title. 将棋 第30期竜王戦 渡辺明竜王 vs 羽生善治棋聖 PV This first game is psicologically very important and Habu made a great step on his fight for the title. But he still to keep guard. On the last challenge of Habu in the Ryuuou title he took the…

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