Watanabe got the Ousho title

渡辺明棋王が5期ぶり通算3期目の王将復位 【 #王将戦 七番勝負第4局】●久保利明王将VS○渡辺明棋王 渡辺棋王が4連勝で王将戦を制しました。渡辺棋王は5期ぶり通算3期目の王将獲得、二冠を達成しました。#ShogiLivehttps://t.co/pu0Eftaa0k — 日本将棋連盟【公式】 (@shogi_jsa) February 25, 2019 Watanabe Akira has won 4 games in a row on the Ousho title match against Kubo Toshiaki. Watanabe, who lost against Fujii at the Asahi final a few days ago, got his big second title and now he is in possession of the Kiou and the Ousho titles. The last game was played in the Okinawa islands. 明日から王将戦第4局が行われるのを前に、久保利明王将と渡辺明棋王が沖縄入りしました。首里城で記念撮影した後、前夜祭会場に向かいました。 pic.twitter.com/tWg1pATzqg — 毎日新聞・将棋 (@mainichi_shogi) February 23,…

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Kubo won the Ousho title


Kubo Toshiaki (41) won against Goda the 6th match for the Ousho title proclaiming himself the new Ousho title holder. This is the second time he gets the Ousho title after he lost it 6 years ago. Kubo took the lead of the match when he won the first 3 games in a row but Goda was able the next two games. On the last game that started yesterday in the city of Hamamatsu. Kubo…

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