Shogi and let’s catch the lion workshop in Australia

The Sidney shogi club is organizing a workshop of shogi and let’s catch the lion and they will have the visit of the female professional player Kitao Madoka. Guys!!! Have you been SHOCKED like this before?? Like getting huge thunder attacking to you, fall down, get unconscious.. but still have shogi piece in your hand!! 😖 Listen!! Pro Shogi player & Dobutsu shogi inventor!! Madoka Kitao sensei is coming to Sydney!!!! 1st April! 💥…

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2,362 games of ‘shogi’ played together marks Guinness record:The Asahi Shimbun


This week on 7 city took place the largest number of games of shogi simultaneously. 山形県天童市「二千局盤来2018」将棋の同時対局数 世界新記録でギネス認定!現行の1574局を上回る2362局!会場にはKEN OKUYAMA DESIGN ×天童木工の飾り駒「MAIZURU」、参加賞には「3月のライオン」限定コースターも!#天童 #ふるさと納税 #ふるさとチョイス #GCF #二千局盤来 #将棋 #3月のライオン — 天童市の観光ガイド (@ikechang_com) October 14, 2018 Read more on:

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Tendo city promotion video


Last weekend there was the Human Shogi game of Tendo city. Last year I had the opportunity to visit it and even take photos very near from the board. This year I couldn’t visit it but I would like to show this city promotion video in English. I hope you like it. The professional players who attend this year were Yamazaki, Yashiki. Segawa, Hifumin, Kagawa and Karolina. If you want to know more about the…

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Karolina Styczynska’s folding fan


A few days ago I participated on a quiz where the price was a folding fan written by hand by the female shogi player Karolina Styczynska. I was lucky I got chosen and I received the price two days ago. 【プレゼント情報】カロリーナ女流1級 直筆揮毫入り「扇子」&「色紙」が各2名様に当たる!詳しくはこちら→ 揮毫は「風林火山」。色紙の方はなんと…!! #カロリーナ #ステチェンスカ #風林火山 #銀河将棋ch #女流棋士 — 銀河将棋チャンネル (@Ginga_shogi) October 5, 2017 These handwritted folding fans are very valous because usually is very rare to get one. I’m really happy I got one! Now I got my…

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Shogi International Forum


Today has started the International Shogi Forum in KitaKyushuu. The main tournament will be played tomorrow. Here is the list of the participant members: 1 Europe Norway Richart Bjerke 2 Sweden Christer Hartman 3 Finland Mikko Tornqvist 4 United Kingdom Steven Cain 5 Portugal Fernando Batista 6 Spain Jordi Fluvia 7 France Jean Fortin 8 Netherlands Wouter de Haas 9 Belgium Jean-François Hastir 10 Denmark Peter Heine Nielsen 11 Germany Thomas Leiter 12 Italy Michele…

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