Birthday presents


Today, November 30, is my birthday so what a better opportunity for buy myself a few shogi books. I’m usually a ibisha (static rook) player but I want to learn to play furibushi (ranging rook) too so I bought two books about furibisha and one book about the endgame. 角交換四間飛車 The first one is exchange bishop 4th column ranging rook. I choose this one because I always has problems playing against this opening. So I…

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Satoshi no Seishun


「Satoshi no Seishun」 – (Satoshi: A move for tomorrow) is a non-fiction novel written by Oosaki Yoshio 16 years ago edited by the Kadokawa Corp. Oosaki Yoshio was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. His neighbor was Harada Yasuko (1928-2009), a famous japanese writer who also had interest in Shogi. Oosaki’s grandfather, father, uncle and big brother were doctors so they expected that he would became a doctor too. Against his family opinion he went to study…

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