tocotoco ep.48 Manao Kagawa

On episode 48 of the Japan discovery show called tocotoco features the female shogi player Manao Kagawa. You can maybe remember her as I talk about her on my visit to the Aoba dojo and she also was on the Shogi X’mas festa. The video is in Japanese but it includes English subtitles so you can follow it. In the video, Kagawa shows different places in Tokyo related to her life as female shogi player. The first place is the…

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Visit famous Shogi spots in VR


For the promotion of the movie 3月のライオン a Virtual Reality tour have been created.  This video is recorded in 360 degrees and with the help of characters from nyan shogi song in this tour you can see the Hatonomori shrine (where I take some pictures of profesional players at the new years’s ceremony) and inside the Shogi Federation building. If you have VR you can see all around. If not, you can try to move the smartphone. Enjoy.

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A sky without borders


「終わりのない空」 (A sky without borders) is one of the songs that appear in the movie Satoshi no Seishun. This song is played by Hata Motohiro. Hata has created many popular songs for anime or movies like his 2008 single “Kimi, Meguru, Boku” wich was used for the animated series of Itazura na Kiss. He also made the song for the seventh season of Naruto: Shippuden called “Tomei datta sekai“

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