Incredible. Fujii Souta did it again!

Last month, I wrote about how Fujii Souta was in trouble for broke the record as the youngest challenger of a big title due to the coronavirus. He needed to win against the previous Meijin holder Satou Amahiko and Nagase Takuya, actual holder of the Eiou and Ouza title.

The first game of the challenge for the Kisei tournament was on June, 8 so he was 4 days younger than Yashiki who hold the previous record.

This first game for the title against Watanabe Akira was a fantastic shogi game. They both played yagura and from the beginning they thrown a powerful attack to the opponent king.

You can follow all the game here:

Fujii Souta – Watanabe Akira (1st Kisei title game)

At the end, with both player only 1 minute per move, Watanabe was in a checkmate threat so he try a set of continuous checks to Souta’s king were for each one if Fujii chose the wrong move it would meant the Watanabe’s victory. Fujii was able to avoid all the traps an win the game. It was a hard hit for Watanabe to loose the first game, but he is also challenging to Toyoshima for the Meijin title.

This video is after the game finish with comments of both players.