A youtuber has become a shogi player

The famous shogi youtuber アゲアゲ (ageage) passed last year the test to become a professional player.

His real name is Orita Shougo and he was a very strong amateur player. Last year he made an incredible performance after winning 7 professionals in a row at the Ginga tournament.

Most of the shogi players will turn into professionals after they get promoted in the shoureikai. This is a very hard way since only 4 players can do it every year and it has an age limit. If they are not able to promote before they are 26 years old they have to quit the shoureikai. The other way to be a shogi player is to pass the entry trial. This a very hard way and only 3 players have passed the test.

He was a member of the shoureikai until 2016 when he retired due to the age limit he started a youtube channel that nowadays has more than 40k subscribers.

On the next video he talks with Segawa and Imaizumi. These 2 players were also promoted to professional after they took the test.