AI to record professional games

If you have ever played some chess tournament maybe you had to record your own game on some scoresheets. Even now, the top chess players like Carlsen still have to take record of their games.

Caruana Fabiano vs Carlsen Magnus - picture by Andreas Kontokanis

Caruana Fabiano vs Carlsen Magnus – picture by Andreas Kontokanis

In shogi they also have to keep record of the game but usually is another player who does it. This work is usually done by 2-3 dan players that are at the shoreikai. For long games usually there are 2 kirokukei (person who records the game). The kirokukei work is not only to record the game but also keep control of the time and tell the players how many remaining time is left.

The kirokukei work is quite hard because it has to stay all the time looking the game an usually is it not possible to stand up or even go to the bathroom.

Recently it seems that there is not enough people to record all games (3000 professional games in a year) and also as prevention to coronavirus the shogi federation prepared some AI to record the games.

The first trial of this AI was done at the womens Ouza tournament. With a camera installed at above the board it register the moves and the time and even informs the players when they have low time remaining.