Watanabe got the Ousho title

Watanabe Akira has won 4 games in a row on the Ousho title match against Kubo Toshiaki. Watanabe, who lost against Fujii at the Asahi final a few days ago, got his big second title and now he is in possession of the Kiou and the Ousho titles. The last game was played in the Okinawa islands.

Now all the title holders are below 35 years old and many shogi fans see this as a sign of a new generation.

Meijin – Satou Amahiko (31)

Ryuuou – Hirose Akihito (32)

Eiou – Takami Taichi (25)

Kisei & Oui – Toyoshima Masayuki (28)

Ouza – Saitou Shintaro (25)

Ousho & Kiou – Watanabe Akira (34)

On the last game Kubo played the third file rook opening after he lost the previous 3 games playing the central rook.

This is the position were Kubo resigned.