Fujii Souta wins again the Asahi cup

Fujii Souta won the final game on February 16 against the top player Watanabe Akira. On the semifinal he also beat the strong player Namekata.

This is the second victory on a row of the Asahi cup of Fujii. He showed a high level shogi. On the final game, Watanabe acknowledged that he didn’t even was able to find where was his mistake.

They played both the gangi opening. This opening wasn’t played for many years in a professional level but many players include it on their repertory.

On this position Watanabe (below) moved his rook to 36 because it was threaten by the pawn on 34. Fujii Souta considered this was not a good moved and proposed S75. Attacking the other Rook. If they exchanged rooks maybe Watanabe had more chances to counterattack.

This is the last position were Watanabe resign the game.