Habu beats Satou on the first game of the Meijin title

Yesterday finished the first game of the Meijin title.

Habu was sente and the opening was Side pawn capture.

In a very early stage of the game Satou tried a fierce attack against Habu’s king. This is the position before the sealed move of Satou.

Habu, below side, has got a rook, 2 knights and and a silver in exchange of a bishop, a knight, a gold and a silver. Both kings are not quite protected so an attack with the dragon that created Habu or the horse of Satou can be really dangerous.

At the 92th made a mistake when he played B62. Can you find the next moves that Habu made?

This was the victory number 1400 in an official tournament of Habu. The actual record is hold by Ooyama who got 1433.

Ooyama Yasuharu, born in Kurashiki in 1923 was one of the best players in the shogi world. He died in 1992 but he still holds many records.