Hifumin love! Katou Hifumi x Morning Musume

This year’s shogi fever still continues in Japan thanks to the 3 main characters: Fujii Souta, the youngest shogi player, Habu Yoshiharu who got the eternal seven crown, and Katou Hifumi “Hifumin” the oldest shogi player who retired this year.

Hifumin has now quite free time and he is using it for his second hobby, appear on variety TV shows. He was already a regular at the TV program of Matsuko Delux and now he even made a song called ‘Hifumin Ai’ (Hifumin Love).

He sang it at the TV program FNS music festival with one of the best know music group in Japan, the Morning Musume.

The program was aired live and Hifumin made a small mistake and forgot when he had to start to sing so they had to start over.

Here is the video of the moment.