Birthday presents

Today, November 30, is my birthday so what a better opportunity for buy myself a few shogi books.

I’m usually a ibisha (static rook) player but I want to learn to play furibushi (ranging rook) too so I bought two books about furibisha and one book about the endgame.


The first one is exchange bishop 4th column ranging rook. I choose this one because I always has problems playing against this opening. So I want to learn the way to play it and against it.

三間飛車 ー 新時代

The other book is third-file rook – new generation. This opening gives many interesting positions and I want to learn about it too.


The last one is a must-read if you want to get stronger. This book is called ‘ The art of the endgame by Habu Yoshiharu’. One of the best shogi players of all times (maybe the best), who is near to get all the permanent titles, write this book series about the end game. In Japan, people say his ability to connect middle game and the end game is Habu’s magic. He can make moves who no one can think.