7th International Shogi Forum in Kitakyushuu. Shogi Federation report

The Europe representative Vincent Tanian receives a small present from a organizer.

All the participants and professionals in the event.

The japanese representative and previous member of the Japanese national soccer team, Hato Yasuhiro.

Nielsen (chess GM) and Suzuki on the final game of the group B

Report in japanese from the shogi federation with many puctures of the participants. You can see more pictures on the link below.

日本将棋連盟の第7回国際将棋フォーラムin 北九州 開催報告のページです。日本将棋連盟は伝統文化としての将棋の普及発展と技術向上や将棋を通じた交流親善などを目的とした公益社団法人です。

Source: 第7回国際将棋フォーラムin 北九州 開催報告|イベント|日本将棋連盟