Habu continues with a victory in the Ryuuou title match

Last weekend on the second game of the Ryuuou title match Habu was able to overpass Watanabe.

Habu played an opening that recently has became again famous between professional players. The castle Gangi was quite popular 30-40 years ago but it became less popular. On the recent days many players feeled that is very hard to win playing the Yagura castle sp they changed to the gangi.  Gangi means in japanese arch typically usee in shopping areas. 

The position of the golds and silver generals ressembles this arch.

Habu has taken the lead with this second victory and he only needs two more wins. The ryuuou title is a very though match both phisically and mentally so for sure Habu wants to finish it before the stamina of the young Watanabe surpasses him. 

You can watch the second game here:


The next game will be this weekend at the prefecture of Gunma.